Valentine's Day Buying Guide

Whether you’re celebrating new love, true love, or the love found between friends, the Valentine’s Day Collection by Winston Flowers has something special for everyone who holds a place in your heart.

The Love of a Lifetime

The ‘One & Only’ for your one and only: featuring four varieties of exclusive garden roses, three types of rare orchids, silvery helleborus ‘winterbells,’ and fragrant Italian sweet pea arranged in show-stopping fashion—because the love of a lifetime deserves nothing less than extraordinary.

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Timeless Love

There’s a reason that roses are the gold standard for Valentine’s Day. Our ‘Velvet Luxe’ showcases over six dozen premium roses, cultivated by artisan growers, for a striking and timeless display of elegance.

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Modern Love

‘Love in Color’ features ‘midnight’ vanda orchids, fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids, exotic anthurium flowers, and plush pink roses. It may be untraditional, but that’s the beauty of it—just like any modern romance.

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New Love

Celebrate the sweetness of new love with an enchanting display of perfectly pink blooms. The lovely ‘Ranunculus Charm’ features satiny ranunculus blooms and exotic cymbidium orchids, and pearly helleborus 'winterbells'.

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Self Love

Indulge in a little self-care with the ‘Twilight Bloom,’ a garden-like display of rare vanda orchids, fuchsia phalaenopsis orchids, exotic calla lilies, and Italian sweet pea. You deserve something pretty, too.

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Best Friend Love

The ‘Lilac Allure’ features a trio of deeply fragrant, amethyst-hued flowers: beaded hyacinth, airy Italian sweet pea, and lavender lilac. It's the perfect way to toast your best girl friends—because every type of love is something to celebrate.

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