Meet Our Team

Surrounded by creativity, our staff thrives in a dynamic culture that shares a passion for excellence and an appreciation for the beautiful things in life.
Hi, I'm David.

Growing up immersed in the family business on Newbury Street, David learned to love flowers at an early age. He fondly recalls time spent helping with deliveries, cutting flowers and wiring pinecones while working in the shop after school. Among his favorite memories are buying trips with his father to local greenhouses, nurseries and the Boston flower market. Today, he continues the tradition of personally visiting each of our growers, from New England family farms to European exporters, maintaining longstanding relationships with them. He also regularly visits our retail shops, and works closely with the design team in the studio on the presentation of the shops and collections. He delights in finding unique products and new varieties to keep Winston Flowers on the cutting edge—always fresh and evolving, while staying true to our founding values.

Hi, I'm Ted.

Helping after school and during summer breaks in his family's shop on Newbury Street provided Ted with an invaluable hands-on education in all aspects of the flower business, from wholesale and operations to accounting and, what would become his forte, client relationships. He had many occasions to observe his father's knack for making people feel special, from giving a small child a rose to inviting the staff upstairs for family dinner after closing hour on Sundays, and those early lessons in customer service and team building continue to guide him today. Integrating cutting-edge technology with time-honored personal service, Ted has taken Winston's to a new level of excellence. Ever passionate about the client experience, he begins each day by asking, "What can we do today to make it even better?"

Benjamin Newbold Benjamin Newbold Events
Hi, I'm Benjamin.
Creative Director of Events & Floral Design
  • With Winston Flowers since: February 2004
  • Favorite season: For me, each season presents an argument that it should be the favored.
  • Favorite flower: I believe beauty can be found in both the flowers and foliage of most plants.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Anything and everything could be the stimulus for how we design, and it should be ever-changing.
Detail: Having grown up on a farm in the Midwest, I gained an appreciation for hard work and the beauty of nature. I left the farm for an education in fine arts, which lead me to many collaborations, including work in the theater. My evolution into an event designer makes it possible for me to combine my interest in art with my love of nature and what it produces—like the textural materials that are the foundation of what we create and design for our clients’ events.

Tori Samuel Tori Samuel Events
Hi, I'm Tori.
Events Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since: February 2003
  • Favorite season: Late winter to early spring, there is such a wide variety of flowers.
  • Favorite flower: Clooney ranunculus
  • Did you know? I spent three months in the backcountry of Wyoming hiking, caving, rock climbing and snow camping. 
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Working alongside Daniel Ost in Belgium.

Detail: Although I grew up surrounded by art and design, I never dreamed it would become my career. After spending 3 months with NOLS in Wyoming, I earned a degree in environmental science. After graduating, I became part of the Beach Management Program in Nantucket, Massachusetts. I soon found myself also working for an Event Designer on the island. In 2002, I moved to Boston and joined the events department at Winston Flowers. I love working with clients to bring their vision to life—and letting them enjoy the process of creating their one-of-a-kind event.

Michael Ciano Michael Ciano Events
Hi, I'm Michael.
Events Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since: September 2011
  • Favorite season: Winter
  • Did you know? Within the first year of my career, I was designing flower arrangements for events in Paris, even though I had no clue what I was doing!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Nature and extreme urban environments. 
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Uncontrollable laughter in the Design Studio… a nice relief when working long hours during the holiday season! 
Detail: I am a born Bostonian who began my career in New York City, where I spent close to two decades working with a number of upscale event design companies. As a long time member of The New York Botanical Garden, horticulture is both personally and professionally rewarding to me. In 2011, I returned home to Boston and joined the Winston Flowers team. My design style ranges from classic to contemporary, all while keeping the client’s vision in mind. I’m thrilled to work on a wide variety of events from weddings and galas to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and smaller more intimate affairs.
Cori Sharp Cori Sharp Events
Hi, I'm Cori.
Director of Event Sales & Client Relationships
  • With Winston Flowers since: 1996
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite flower: Peonies and lily of the valley
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I’m a visual person, so I often find inspiration from beautiful photography.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Seeing the completion of a project or design. I’m always so proud to see the client happy with our work.
Detail: I started at Winston Flowers as an intern while studying at Northeastern—and I knew immediately this was the only place I wanted to work. Early on, my time was spent in client services and as a marketing coordinator; and as the company grew, I grew with it. I worked for a few years in human resources but had my eye on becoming an account executive, which I considered my dream job. The transition happened in 2004 and I couldn’t have been happier! I loved traveling throughout Boston to meet with clients face-to-face, and creating beautiful designs and spaces for them. In 2006, I was promoted to Director of Sales, and after working part time for a few years to raise my family, I’m back in that position full-time. I’m lucky to manage an incredible team, who I strive to build and motivate on a daily basis, and love helping people succeed and grow within the company, just like I did.
Sarah Bevis Sarah Bevis Events
Hi, I'm Sarah.
Event Sales Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2012
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite flower: Sweet pea
  • Did you know? I am a total foodie and love everything J. Crew.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Being a part of the Destination Event Team. Some special locations that stand out are Aspen, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Washington D.C., and Nantucket. 

Detail: Hailing from Connecticut, I attended business school at UMass Amherst. While working for Salter Frieze Wedding & Special Events and Boston Common Magazine, I learned the ins and outs of the event industry—and taking that experience, I joined the Winston Flowers event team in 2012. I am attracted to working for a company that is forward thinking in events and floral design, as well as exceptional in customer service. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind experiences for my clients and ensuring that each event will be one to remember.

Chelsea Smith Chelsea Smith Events
Hi, I'm Chelsea.
Event Operations Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2010 and 2017
  • Favorite season: Spring and autumn
  • Favorite flower: Peonies
  • Did you know? I considered being a chef! I come from a family of professional cooks and I love spending hours being creative in the kitchen.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? When the hours get long, I try to remember why we’ve been entrusted in the first place—the end result truly matters to someone and that is worth every bit of effort.


Details: I studied Interior Design at the Mount Ida College, School of Design. I spent a year honing my customer service skills in furniture retail before coming to Winston Flowers in 2010. I started as a Client Services Associate and progressed to Sales Coordinator followed by Events Coordinator. I went on to manage a high-end showroom at the Boston Design Center for United Marble Fabricators, then took on the unique opportunity to assist the Creative Director at Max Ultimate Foods. I was thrilled to return to Winston Flowers in January 2017 as the Event Operations Manager for a team that I already know and love. I’m constantly looking ahead to ensure every design we sell is well executed, from concept to installation. In my operations mind, if the team is efficient and the client is impressed, we have upheld the renowned aesthetic and quality synonymous with Winston Flowers.

Paula Katsiroubas Paula Katsiroubas Events
Hi, I'm Paula.
Event Operations Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since: June 2014
  • Favorite flower: Fuchsia anemones
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I come up with my best ideas in the middle of the night… and often email them to myself when I’m sleeping! They’re always entertaining to read in the morning. 
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: When I receive a thank-you from a client after their event. I love knowing they were happy with our work!
Detail: Born and raised in Boston, I’ve always admired the impeccable work of Winston Flowers that I saw around town and beyond. For several years I worked in the event rental industry, where I collaborated with event planners and caterers from Boston and Cape Cod. Through these past work experiences, I became keenly aware of how powerful flowers are in making an event something truly spectacular. In my opinion, flowers are the life of the party… and I am ecstatic to be on a team that makes it happen so beautifully.
Lydia McMullen Lydia McMullen Events
Hi, I'm Lydia.
Event Operations Specialist
  • Favorite flower: Soft blush peony
  • Favorite season: Spring and Autumn, especially in New England
  • Did you know? I’ve been skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef!
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: I love the holidays at our Design Studio when it turns into a mix of winter wonderland and Santa’s workshop.

Detail: I earned my degree in Hospitality and Events Management and have been working in the hospitality field ever since. My career began at a lifestyle company that focused on event planning, interior design and fashion styling. Some highlights include attending New York Fashion Week, product styling pages of Northshore Magazine and coordinating various New England weddings. I transitioned to Winston Flowers to be closer to the city and to work in an environment where the “special services” treatment is applied to each and every client—one of my very favorite things about this company!

Sarah Powers Sarah Powers Events
Hi, I'm Sarah.
Operations Coordinator
  • With Winston Flowers since: March 2008
  • Favorite season: For flowers: definitely spring. For myself: summer and autumn!
  • Favorite flower: Peonies, lilac and orchids
  • Did you know? I have a master’s degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Ordering a 6 ½ ft. tall stuffed grizzly bear for a corporate holiday party in 2013 and then dressing that same bear up as Elvis for the company’s 2014 party. 

Detail: I began my career at Winston Flowers in 2008 in our Client Services department. Having previously worked at a local florist in my hometown in New Hampshire, I knew that weddings and special events were my passion— and I was quickly able to move in to my current role as sales & events coordinator. My love for flowers and design, as well as my attention to detail and desire to always provide five star service, have made me thrive in my role and look forward to the wonderful experiences that each new event brings.

Mallory Dixon Mallory Dixon Events
Hi, I'm Mallory.
Sales & Events Coordinator, Greenwich, CT
  • With Winston Flowers since? March 2012
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Coral charm peonies and native lilac
  • Did you know? I’ve worked at four out of the seven Winston Flowers shops.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Collaborating with creative people.
Detail: After graduating with a background in public relations and studio fine arts, I decided to pursue a creative environment where my career could flourish and grow—and Winston Flowers was just the right place. Not only have I been able to explore new roles within the company over the years, I’ve also had the opportunity to work at four of our seven shop locations—expanding my network of clients beyond my hometown of Greenwich. Moving to Boston allowed me to see the impact Winston Flowers has on the community and connect with generations of clients and friends. After years of immersing myself in Winston Flowers’ roots, I felt it was time to bring my enthusiasm back to our Greenwich clientele—and I’m so glad to be back in the hustle and bustle of Greenwich Avenue!
Hi, I'm Kori.
Director of Sales
  • With Winston Flowers since? January 2017
  • Favorite season: Autumn
  • Favorite flower: Peonies
  • Did you know? My wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I enjoy paying close attention to detail. Textiles, paper, patterns and colors—anything visual can inspire a new idea or different approach. 

Details: My career began in the events industry, where I developed a passion for wedding planning and corporate event production. However, after years of collaborating with individuals and organizations to create amazing events, I decided to redefine my career and focus on client engagement—leading me to pursue new opportunities in sales management and marketing strategy. Having an expansive background on both sides of the client experience made my transition to Winston Flowers all that more feasible. As Director of Sales, I help establish service standards and expand our client base through polished services and a commitment to relationship building. My favorite part about overseeing the Account Executive, Client Services and Special Services teams is the mentoring role I get to play in their career development. At the heart of it, it is the desire to elevate those around me – clients and colleagues alike – that allows me to successfully uphold the Winston Flowers client experience.

Hi, I'm Greg.
Director of Client Relations
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 1996
  • Did you know? I am an Olympic fanatic. 
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Mother Nature: whatever it is that I am doing, I always find a way to incorporate something natural and beautiful.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: My wedding day. Winston Flowers literally transformed my venue into a magical oasis of elegance, flowers and glowing candlelight. My guests are still talking about it… 
Detail: Client service is my passion—and it’s something I’ve been refining every day since I began my career in the hospitality industry and throughout my eighteen years at Winston Flowers. During that time, I’ve lead my concierge staff to redefine full service and provide our clients with a world class array of services including personal shopping, custom floral and gourmet gifts. I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind client experiences that exceed expectations and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.
Hi, I'm James.
Senior Account Executive
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 1997
  • Favorite flower: Chrysanthemum 
  • Did you know? I like art, travel and adventure. The people of French Polynesia charm me and the pace of New York City thrills me. I prefer the high and the low to anything in the middle. 
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Creating beauty with a great team of wonderfully talented people, celebrating life’s moments. 
Detail: Twenty years of experience at Winston Flowers and a strong sense of dedication and loyalty are key to assisting my clients in making the right decisions. Every detail, great or small, is tended to with care—and the goal is always the same: perfection. Originally from the Boston area and a graduate of the school at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, I have strong ties to the community and a love of the creative process.
Hi, I'm Amy.
Account Executive
  • With Winston Flowers since: March 2007
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus 
  • Did you know? Every April, I wear green for the entire weekend of The Masters!
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: On a weekend, when our caravan of Winston vans goes out to set up an event. It’s like… here comes pretty! It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re on our way to make our client’s event beautiful and special. 
Detail: Born and raised in the Boston area, I’ve been forever enamored with Winston Flowers. After a long career in sales and account management, I finally merged my experience with my passion and joined Winston Flowers in 2007. As a member of our outside sales team, I service a varied circle of clients that includes corporate, residential, hotel properties, party planners and caterers. I enjoy being the voice and advocate for my clients—combining their vision and our expertise to give them a perfect Winston Flowers experience.
Hi, I'm Jennifer.
Account Executive
  • With Winston Flowers since: 2001
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Native lilac because I love the scent. Also, I love all fresh herbs!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? My background as an events designer and being surrounded by creativity and beauty all day.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: My favorite moments are the ones I share with my colleagues, as we are truly one big family. It’s nice to work in an environment with so many people you can call friends!
Detail: I began working with Winston Flowers in 2001 as a floral designer for the events team, where I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process to bring my clients’ visions to life. In 2005, I joined our outside sales team as an account executive, serving a varied circle of clients that include corporate, residential, hotel properties, event planning professionals and caterers. While my design background serves me well in understanding my clients’ needs; I truly am a relationship person… I love taking care of my clients, making them feel special and exceeding their expectations. There’s nothing better than providing them with a memorable experience.
Hi, I'm Kate.
Marketing Communications Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2014
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Yellow ranunculus 
  • Did you know? My favorite topic of conversation is food.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Seeing and smelling the sea of flowers that take over the Design Studio during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s magical. 
Detail: My career began in New York City, where I worked in public relations and represented clients in the luxury hospitality, wine/spirits and beauty industries; most notably Maker’s Mark, The Macallan, Halekulani and Red Door Spas. I then spent three years at Moet Hennessy USA as a brand manager for Veuve Clicquot champagne – which I loved – until I heard Boston calling my name. I moved here in 2013 and soon after began working for Winston Flowers. Marketing such a well-established, creative company with beautiful products is an absolute pleasure… and I thoroughly enjoy spending a large part of my day managing the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages!
Hi, I'm Julia.
Digital Content Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since? October 2015
  • Favorite season: Summer, for the warmer weather and longer days
  • Favorite flower: Lilac-colored dahlias
  • Did you know? I come up with my best ideas while running. Perhaps because part of me wants to forget that I’m actually running.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Having a well-balanced and healthy life, which to me consists of exploring the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and always making time to reflect.
Detail: Having spent many summers in Maine growing up, I gained a strong appreciation for nature at a very young age. I first learned how to put together floral arrangements with my aunt while picking wild flowers in her garden in New Hampshire. After graduating from St. Lawrence University with an English degree, I embraced my love for New England and moved to Boston to join the events & marketing team at Boston magazine—where I first developed my admiration for Winston Flowers from afar. I’m happy to know now why they always exceeded my expectations; everyone at this company goes above and beyond for each client because they genuinely want to. My role at Winston Flowers allows me to collaborate with different teams across the company while also combining my passion for developing brand strategies with my interest in the dynamic world of digital marketing. It’s the best of both of worlds.
Hi, I'm Leidy.
Marketing Coordinator
  • With Winston Flowers since: June 2015
  • Favorite flower: Garden roses and peonies
  • Did you know? I love photography and traveling! Some of my favorite memories – and pictures — come from the times I lived in Colombia and Spain.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? People. I love it when a stranger or a new friend inspires me to try something new or see things differently.

Detail: I went to college in Boston and have been in love with this city ever since. Upon graduating from Suffolk University, I took on a year of intensive community service through the AmeriCorps VISTA program, serving the communities of North Central Massachusetts. After a fulfilling year of giving back to the community, I decided it was time to pursue my interests in marketing and photography by taking on roles that allowed me to continue discovering my strengths. For example, I learned that I really enjoy writing and blogging! However, I was craving being closer to Boston and in a more creative environment. I found a perfect fit in Winston Flowers—and it’s really satisfying to know I joined a company that’s also committed to giving back to the community!

Hi, I'm Kayla.
Client Services Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? June 2015
  • Favorite season: Autumn, especially in New England
  • Favorite flower: It changes every other week. Definitely dahlias and ranunculus—and succulents, too!
  • Did you know? I’m a huge sports fan. At Florida State University, I provided tours of the beautiful campus to football recruits and at the University at Buffalo I was president of the Kickline Team!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I’m a strong believer in living in the present. I’m a very passionate person and a persistent optimist.
Details: Growing up, my parents instilled in me a passion for beautiful flowers—and after a summer at Elaine’s Flower Shoppe in Buffalo deepened my interest in the floral industry, I decided to move to New England to expand my service and leadership skills with Boston’s premier florist, Winston Flowers. My role at Winston Flowers is exciting to me because I whole-heartedly believe that our flowers are beyond comparison. My favorite moments include helping our clients dream up exquisite, luxurious designs using customer service that fills them with uplifting optimism. My main goal every day is to foster a great atmosphere and learning environment where our client services team can build long-lasting relationships while sharing their vast knowledge of flowers with each and every one of our clients.
Hi, I'm Ellen.
Special Servies Concierge
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 1997
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Local Dahlias
  • Did you know? I was a sailing instructor in Boston for five years.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Every new Christmas season becomes my favorite Winston Flowers moment because the holidays bring so much cheer and excitement to our Design Studio. It’s a different experience each year.
Detail: I joined Winston Flowers eighteen years ago and have loved it ever since, learning the ins and outs of the company and what makes Winston Flowers so special. My role overs the years has changed but my favorite aspects remain the same: personally meeting our clients and helping new employees discover their strengths—as a long time employee, I enjoy sharing with them my knowledge of the product and my passion for great customer service. I recently joined the Special Services Concierge team to continue growing my relationship with our clients and to help bring their unique and creative visions to life. I am always thrilled to hear from them how much they loved our flowers and how our service left a lasting impression on their special occasion or event!
Hi, I'm Marc.
Special Services Concierge
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 2014
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Favorite flower: Cymbidium orchids and succulents
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Helping our design team with an event at the Boston Aquarium—seeing the beautiful centerpieces and décor coordinate with the whimsical environment of the Aquarium was truly a magical experience!

Detail: I graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in advertising and a minor in theater. After exploring a career in retail, I joined a small florist in my hometown where I cultivated my interest in flowers and design. After realizing how much I enjoyed the floral services industry, I decided to position myself at a company that is at the forefront of floral design and great customer service: Winston Flowers. My favorite part about this job is the variety of opportunities available—there is so much movement and activity outside the traditional realm, so it’s always interesting and fun. As a Special Services Concierge, I really enjoy providing our clients with exceptional customer service and utilizing my creativity and design skills to help bring their vision to life. Whether it’s a small dinner party or a gift for a birthday celebration, each experience and occasion is different and special, just like our clients.

Hi, I'm Robert.
Special Services Concierge
  • With Winston Flowers since? November 2007
  • Favorite season: Spring and Fall
  • Favorite flower: Anemone
  • Did you know? I love comedy and do great impressions
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I love working with people. I am very conversational with clients and like to build a rapport.
Detail: I grew up just outside of Boston and knew the Winston Flowers name from a young age. My parents would take me to the shop in Chestnut Hill Mall on a regular basis, where I familiarized myself with the brand before I ever imagined being be a part of it. After years of working in high end retail elsewhere, and as an office manager at a small company in Boston, I decided to position myself at one of the best retailers in the city: Winston Flowers. Since then, I’ve had the great experience of working at several of our retail locations, and I recently moved to the Design Studio in the South End to join the Special Services team. I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to move around within the company and experience all the different roles and challenges that contribute to the success of the company. Through the process, I’ve learned that I love getting to know clients, identifying their needs and using my knowledge of plants and flowers to design the perfect solution.
Hi, I'm Kelly.
Director of Retail
  • With Winston Flowers since: April 2007
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Dark purple sweet pea from Italy
  • Did you know? I love cooking for friends and family and have taken several professional cooking courses.

Detail: As Director of Retail, I have the pleasure of overseeing all seven of our retail shops in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Spending time in each location, I get the opportunity to meet a variety of our fantastic clients and learn what keeps bringing them back to Winston Flowers! For me, managing our shops means that every day brings new and exciting opportunities to lift a mood, incite a memory or bring a smile to someone's face—while working closely with each store manager to ensure clients are walking away with unique décor ideas and new floral knowledge. One of the best parts of my role is identifying talented individuals, welcoming them into our retail family and watching them grow with Winston Flowers. The rewards are endless and I’m so proud of each member of my retail team. It is great fun to see how each shop has its own personality while still offering the trademark Winston service. I share Winston Flowers’ passion for offering the finest product available, presenting it in a creative way that changes with the seasons and making the client experience truly memorable. I want our clients to feel welcomed, inspired and cared for, like they are a member of the Winston family too. My staff and I build relationships that bring people into our retail shops, again and again. That is what makes the Winston Flowers retail experience unique. We learn about our clients, take a genuine interest and try to pass on our passion for beautiful flowers.

Hi, I'm Kristen.
Store Manager, Newbury Street
  • With Winston Flowers since: July 2012
  • Favorite flower: Coral Charm Peony
  • What impacts your way of thinking? My desire to make the client experience the best it can possibly be. I love to share my passion for our beautiful and unique product.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: My favorite moments are when clients share with me their Winston Flowers stories. It’s wonderful to hear about how we’ve impacted their lives through being a part of their celebrations. It’s important to me to make personal connections with each client, learn their preferences and have them looking forward to their next visit.
Detail: After years in the hospitality industry, I began my career with Winston Flowers in 2012. I spent two years working with clients on the phone in Client Services—as well as perusing the coolers every day to learn more about our product. I also took that time to get to know the talented team of people that make Winston Flowers the leader in the industry that it is. When I had the opportunity to help out at our flagship store in Chestnut Hill, I knew I had found my home in retail. I soon after transitioned from sales associate to sales team supervisor. It was a natural progression to accept the position of manager at the Newbury Street store when the opportunity presented itself. As the manager of this historic shop on Newbury, I treasure the opportunity to serve our community—we’re right in the heart of the city on the very street where our flower story began over 70 years ago.
Hi, I'm Olivia.
Store Manager, Federal Street
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 2015
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Favorite flower: Peonies
  • Did you know? I LOVE to cook, especially for my friends and family.
  • What impacts your way of thinking?  The people I work with are always inspiring me with new thoughts and ideas.

Detail: Spending each day managing our lively shop in Boston’s buzzing financial district is a delight. Our energetic team brings exquisite product to a thriving community—offering a beautiful retreat and resource for our busy professional crowd. In fact, I will always remember walking into our shop for the first time. After moving from a small town in Vermont to Boston in 2009, I studied fashion merchandising and retail at Lasell College in Newton, MA. My career in management began with an exciting role at a high end women’s clothing retailer, where I discovered my love for customer service. When I first stepped in to Winston Flowers, I was blown away by their incredible staff and beautiful merchandise, and knew I was meant to work here. I love being part of such a creative company where I can work closely with our clients, hearing their personal stories and experiences—and helping them select the perfect flowers for their occasions.

Hi, I'm Vanessa.
Store Manager, Winston Flowers & Garden
  • With Winston Flowers since? April 2015
  • Favorite season: Summer in New England
  • Favorite flower: White anemones
  • Did you know? I LOVE storytelling and writing creative nonfiction! One of my dreams is to have an essay published in the Modern Love column in the New York Times, or have the opportunity to tell a story on the Moth Radio Hour.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Listening to others’ experiences and perspectives, especially when it comes to problem solving. Collaboration is important to me and I appreciate being part of a company of like-minded, creative thinkers who are open to growth and change.

Details: I moved to Boston from Tulsa, Oklahoma just in time to experience the worst winter in the history of the city! After spending years working for a high end women’s retailer, I was over-the-moon to land my ‘dream job’ at Winston Flowers. When I started with the company, I was lucky enough to manage the darling Federal street shop, but soon transitioned into a Sales Team Manager position at the flagship location in Chestnut Hill, which has become my home away from home! I’ve loved working with our incredible sales team and getting to know our fantastic clientele—and am continuously blown away by the quality of design and endless creativity in the shop. It’s my honor and pleasure to now take the helm as the Store Manager and build on Winston Flowers & Garden’s legacy of being an inspiring, outstanding location to visit, shop, and work, and deepen our long standing relationships in this beautiful community.  

Hi, I'm Sara.
Store Manager, Wellesley
  • With Winston Flowers since: October 2013
  • Favorite season: Autumn
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus and anemones
  • Did you know? I hand dyed, printed and constructed a collection of floral dresses for my textile design BFA thesis show.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: When our shops are transformed for the holiday season; they always tell a different and beautiful story.

Detail: My career began in our Wellesley shop – and after being promoted to manager of our Federal Street shop – I’ve recently returned to my roots in the position of store manager. Spending each day in our lively Wellesley shop is a delight. I’m inspired by the vibrant sense of community here and I enjoy getting to know each client personally. I’m truly passionate about my work and I thrive when interacting with the community, sharing my knowledge with clients and admiring the beautiful floral product that arrives to Winston Flowers daily. I adore being a part of the Winston family—it feels like an extended family of my own. I hope our clients feel the same when they walk through the door of our shop.

Hi, I'm Robin.
Store Manager, Hingham
  • With Winston Flowers since: March 1988
  • Favorite season: All seasons offer opportunities in their own special way.
  • Favorite flower: Lily of the valley and peonies
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: The week of Valentine’s Day at the Design Studio. I’m always delighted by the breathtaking carpet of color… hydrangeas in every shade of blue, purple, pink and cream.

Detail: I began my career with Winston Flowers over 26 years ago, working in several of our retail locations before managing our shop in charming downtown Hingham. Over the years, my dedication has not wavered and I continue to be enthusiastic about our company and the unique floral products we offer. A diverse knowledge of all aspects of Winston Flowers now seems like second nature to me and I enjoy sharing that with our guests. It’s important to me that their experience is memorable and that long lasting relationships are built here: our customers become friends for life in Hingham! I am honored and proud to be a part of this historic seaside community.


Hi, I'm Lise.
Store Manager, Greenwich
  • With Winston Flowers since? November 2015
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: White Peony
  • Did you know? I’ve run the NYC marathon twice.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Being surrounded by the beautiful product we sell at Winston Flowers.

Detail: Prior to working with Winston Flowers, I worked in the travel and hotel industry for over 10 years in numerous countries, including: the Cayman Islands, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. In 2013, I decided to move to Connecticut to pursue a career in the luxury hotel business, shortly realizing that Winston Flowers is where I truly belong: not only is the quality of product excellent and exclusive, but the origin significant too—our clients receive fair-trade products directly from the farms of our growers. Our Greenwich store is unique in that in addition to filling customer retail orders, we also have our own design studio where we create beautiful designs for events, weddings and corporate dinners. Clients know they can count on our Greenwich shop for fantastic arrangements, genuine customer service and an experience they will truly love.

Hi, I'm Matt.
Creative Director of Garden Design
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 2003
  • Favorite season: Autumn
  • I always… want my designs to be reflective of my client’s personality.
  • Describe your design style: Bold, simple and single variety.
  • Favorite thing about Winston Flowers: Tackling a blank-slate project. I love working with residential clients who have brand new spaces and trust us to make them beautiful.
Detail: With a strong background in visual arts and over 12 years at Winston Flowers, I’ve held numerous positions and learned the ins-and-outs of this company. Now, as Creative Director of Garden Design and Retail, I partner with our retail and visual teams to lead the direction of all retail merchandising, and with our garden design department to oversee the complete design aesthetic of our installations. Our brand is my favorite part of the job—and I strive to make sure everything we produce is up to Winston Flowers standards. In terms of design, I believe an organic and fluid process is the base note of quality design. From idea origin, to execution and long-term function, my aesthetic outcomes are kindled by honest process and facilitated by an evolving vision for each space.
Hi, I'm Dave.
Garden Design Installation Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: October 2013
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Hydrangea
  • Did you know? I originally went to school to become an Air Marshal.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: The day I was hired.

Detail: In 2000, I was hired at a local landscape company for a summer job, where I assisted with many different projects throughout the company. This proved to be a valuable experience, as I learned a great deal during each facet of landscaping. I returned to the company year after year and held numerous positions as a foreman in maintenance, construction and masonry. After college, I determined that I wanted to pursue landscaping as my chosen profession, and began working as an account manager for the same company. In October 2013, I joined Winston Flowers in a similar role and I am now looking forward to building upon this foundation with one of the best companies in the business!

Hi, I'm Rand.
Garden Design Operations Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2008
  • Favorite season: Spring and summer
  • Favorite flower: Peonies
  • Did you know? I love a good debate.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? People who are brave enough to go against the grain.

Details: I come from a family of craftsman and creative people; most of the men in my family have built their own homes from the ground up, while the women have equally outstanding artistic talents—I’m constantly inspired by them. My career in the events industry began at a small events company where I learned a lot of skills that still help me here today including, processing flowers, working events and building client relationships. When I joined Winston Flowers in 2008, I spent seven years coordinating and developing inventory processes for Winston Flowers. Now, I very much enjoy my role as a Residential Account Executive, providing exceptional service and helping my clients transform their homes with our unique home décor from flowers and plants to garden design, container selection, and so much more.

Hi, I'm Matt.
Garden Design Field Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: March 2012
  • Favorite season: I like all of them.
  • Favorite plant: The right one for the right place.
  • Did you know? I used to be an international adventure tour leader in Belize, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Caribbean.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I’m a visual thinker, so seeing other forms of design inspires my own work. 

Detail: A native of Massachusetts, I earned my undergraduate degree in art history at Kenyon College. After spending some time working at Nature’s Classroom and teaching an outdoor education program to elementary students, I returned to Boston in 2012. I began at Winston Flowers while simultaneously obtaining my master’s degree in landscape architecture from the Boston Architectural College. As a landscape designer, I aspire to create both beautiful and functional spaces that exceed client expectations. I can’t get enough of the outdoors – and when I’m not working – you’ll find me SCUBA diving and hiking.

Hi, I'm Kiersten.
Director of Human Resources
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2004
  • Did you know? I went to school to be a librarian.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Constant collaboration with creative, passionate and energetic people who are proud of what they do inspires me to be my best self, and to find the perfect candidates who will complement and contribute to this amazing team.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Whenever I smell hyacinth, it reminds me of walking in the door my first day.
Detail: I grew up in upstate New York and moved to Boston in 1997 to try a change of pace, and never left. After finishing graduate school in an unrelated field, I applied for a seasonal retail sales position at Macy’s but instead was offered a position in the HR department and tasked with hiring the entire seasonal staff. Through that baptism by fire, I fell in love with the pace and the diversity of HR. I spent a few years in the temporary staffing industry before moving to corporate recruiting at a handful of start-ups, and several years as an employee relations manager at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. Wanting to make a shift to an industry that held more personal interest for me, I joined Winston Flowers in January 2004, and found exactly what I was looking for.
Hi, I'm Evelyn.
Human Resources Generalist
  • With Winston Flowers since? August 2015
  • Favorite season: I love all seasons equally.
  • Favorite flower: Juliette rose
  • Did you know? I played the role of ‘Carmen’ in the film Everybody Cheats.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Positive, forward-thinking women, and my mom.

Details: My professional career began when I accepted my first job for ADP in the payroll department. Ever since, I have actively pursued jobs related to the development of staff, realizing that I have a passion for mentoring and helping people get through life’s challenging barriers. I enjoy my role at Winston Flowers because it allows me to engage with creative minds on a regular basis while helping them feel empowered—helping others identify their value personally and professionally is how I measure my own success.

Hi, I'm Caitlyn.
Workplace Experience Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 2010
  • I always… start my day by walking through the flower coolers.
  • Favorite flower: It changes by the season, but I adore Clooney ranunculus and Juliet garden roses!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? While at work, I’m impacted by my observation of the day-to-day culture of our Design Studio and retail locations. I try my best to ensure that each and every one of my colleagues has a rewarding and engaging career here at Winston Flowers!
Detail: Before Winston, I started my career in sports and lifestyle PR in New York City. I moved to Boston in 2008 and gained experience working for private event venues, before joining the Winston Flowers team in 2010. Here, I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything: wedding and event management, residential services, sales, administration— and now, in my current role as Workplace Experience Manager, it is my job to promote a culture of wellness and work/life balance. I find it extremely fulfilling to know that I have a direct impact on the happiness of my 250 coworkers!

Hi, I'm Kristy.
Training and Development Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? July 2016
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Purple Vanda orchids and Vuvuzela Garden Roses
  • Did you know? I am obsessed with spicy food; I have an extensive collection of hot sauces that I am constantly adding to.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I think it’s really important to always have an open mind about the way you approach people to teach them. Not everyone learns the same way, so making sure something can be done to fit everyone’s style of learning is important to me.

Details: My passion for working with people inspired me to pursue a career in the social work field; when halfway through my master’s program, I realized the hospitality industry is where I truly belong. After spending some time providing exceptional customer service to a few of the Boston’s most high-end restaurants, I progressed into a Training & Service Manager role—which helped me discover a love for teaching people. My role as Training & Development Manager at Winston Flowers is a perfect blend of training, development and hospitality—it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for my whole career! Everyone’s success at Winston Flowers is my top priority; which means I devote my time to helping others achieve their best potential while working with other managers to discover new and interesting ways to keep employees motivated and successful. It’s an extremely rewarding position to be in!