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Meet Our Team

Surrounded by beauty and creativity, our staff thrives in a dynamic culture that shares a passion for excellence. We employ some of the most talented individuals in the floral industry and beyond, hiring people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Watching our employees grow and become leaders in their field is something that gives us an immense sense of pride, and some of our employees have even been a part of our family for over 20 years.

Ted Winston Ted Winston Ownership
Hi, I'm Ted.

Working at the Newbury Street shop after school and on summer breaks provided me with a hands-on education in all aspects of the flower business. From wholesale and operations to accounting and client relationships, my time spent at the shop proved to be an invaluable experience. It also presented me with many opportunities to observe my father’s knack for making people feel special. These observations served as early lessons in customer service and they are what continue to guide me to this day. Taking these time-honored tenets of service and integrating them with cutting-edge technology has helped Winston Flowers achieve a new level of excellence, as well as make it the company that it is today.

David Winston David Winston Ownership
Hi, I'm David.

Having grown up immersed in the family business on Newbury Street, I learned to love flowers from an early age. I fondly recall the time I spent helping with deliveries, cutting flowers, and wiring pinecones while working in the shop after school. Some of my favorite memories involve buying trips with my father to local greenhouses or the Boston Flower Market, and today, I continue the tradition by personally visiting each of our growers from New England family farms to European exporters. I also regularly visit our retail shops, working closely with the design team on the presentation and styling of our shops and collections. Above all, I delight in finding unique products and new varieties to keep Winston Flowers on the cutting edge—always fresh and ever evolving while staying true to our founding values.

Benjamin Newbold Benjamin Newbold Events
Hi, I'm Benjamin.
Creative Director of Floral & Events
  • With Winston Flowers since: February 2004
  • Favorite flower: I believe beauty can be found in both the flowers and foliage of most plants.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Anything and everything could be the stimulus for how we design, and it should be ever-changing.

Having grown up on a farm in the Midwest, I gained an appreciation for hard work and the beauty of nature. I left the farm for an education in fine arts, which led me to many collaborations, including work in the theater. My evolution into an event designer has made it possible for me to combine my interest in art with my love of nature and what it produces—like the textural materials that are the foundation of what we create for our clients’ events.

Julio Sales Julio Sales Events
Hi, I'm Julio.
Event Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since? January 2014
  • Favorite flower: Orange clooney ranunculus
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Cultural and environmental influences help my creativity flow.

I was born and raised in Brazil, surrounded by the farms and mountains of Poços de Calda—also known as the City of Roses. In 1999, I decided to move to New York to pursue a career in floral design at the New York Botanical Garden. This led me to open my own floral design and wedding planning company in Stamford, CT. After years of establishing my reputation in the hospitality industry in Fairfield County, I decided to sell my company and join the award-winning team at Winston Flowers in Greenwich, CT. The transition to Winston Flowers was seamless and allowed me to expand my clientele as well as gain new experiences. It wasn’t long until I was invited to join the special event team in Boston, and I’m happy to have allowed my passion for flowers and design to take me to new places.

Samantha Toft Samantha Toft Events
Hi, I'm Samantha.
Event Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2014
  • Favorite flower: Dark purple hellebore
  • What impacts your way of thinking? When I'm designing, I love staying current with the ever-changing trends in the floral and fashion industries.

I graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a degree in Art Education. Not ready to jump into the education system right away, I uprooted to live and work with my sister on Nantucket for the summer and fell in love with the nature and beauty of New England. It was there that I discovered flowers could be an art medium all on their own. Completely enamored with the idea, I decided to move to Boston and try my hand out in the floral industry. I was hired at the Winston Flowers flagship store in Chestnut Hill, where I learned to combine proper floral techniques with my existing knowledge of design fundamentals. I’m grateful I was able to learn and grow with the company so I can share my enthusiasm and knowledge with clients every day.

I now work with our events team to ensure that our clients’ visions come to fruition. I particularly love installation day because you get to see all of the creative details, decisions, and production come together to create a stunning moment for our clients.

Molly Beaudette Molly Beaudette Events
Hi, I'm Molly.
Event Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2017
  • Favorite flower: Hellebore
  • What impacts your way of thinking? For me, I look to the seasoned team I work with every day for guidance. I’m lucky to be surrounded by this community of makers.

I studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and learned the rest of what I know through trial, error, and observation. As part of the events team at Winston Flowers, I have the privilege of contributing to a unique project every week—never a dull moment! I love working in this creative and ever-changing atmosphere because I always end my work week with a new skill and a bit more knowledge than I had before.

Scott  Bosse Scott Bosse Events
Hi, I'm Scott.
Senior Client Relationship Manager of Events
  • With Winston Flowers since: April 2016
  • Favorite flower: I won’t commit to one type. I love them all!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone in order to grow and live beyond your potential.

My love for hospitality and nature can be traced to a young age. I have fond memories of waiting on customers and taking care of the plants at the amusement park my family owned and operated as a child. Fast-forward to chasing my dreams on the West Coast, I was able to work in and manage some of the most sought after luxury entertainment venues in the country. After returning to the East Coast, I worked as the director of marketing and sales at a floral company in Maine—and it wasn’t long until I set my sights on Winston Flowers. I joined the company in 2016, where I began my journey with a role on the design team. Soon after, I combined my knowledge of design with my passion for luxury hospitality into a role on the sales team. Now, as senior client relationship manager on the events team, I will be working with our event planners to strengthen those relationships and foster connections with new event planners as well. In everything I do, I take pride in providing perfectly executed, top-tier service.

Meg Norton Meg Norton Events
Hi, I'm Meg.
Event Relationship Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: September 2022
  • Favorite season: Summer into fall—I love the changing of seasons.
  • Did you know? I baked my own wedding cake!

I started in the floral industry as a floral designer in 2016. Since then, I have worked in various roles from event design and event operations to partnerships and corporate account management. I love learning about a client’s vision and what is most important to them, and then working with a creative team to make that vision a reality. I am passionate about the little details that go into creating thoughtfully designed experiences.

At Winston Flowers, I am thrilled to collaborate with our incredibly talented team to provide beautiful and memorable experiences for our clients. I look forward to building relationships with our clients and event planners throughout the planning process—from those first conversations around ideas and concepts to the day of the event installation, when all of our work comes together!

Olivia Marini Olivia Marini Events
Hi, I'm Olivia.
Event Operations Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since: October 2020
  • Favorite flower: Juliet garden rose
  • Favorite season: Summer—the life and energy in the air is unmatched!

After earning my degree in hospitality and event management, I began my career at Marriott as an event manager. I fell in love with planning weddings, and specifically found my passion in the smaller details and design of each wedding—everything from the flatware to the florals. I joined Winston Flowers to dive into a different aspect of the industry. I started in client services and now I have made my way back to events! Watching a client’s vision come to life never gets old.

Daria Googins Daria Googins Events
Hi, I'm Daria.
Event Sales & Operations Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since: February 2022
  • Favorite season: There’s nothing better than a brisk fall in New England.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? When I need new ideas, I frequent local coffee shops or libraries. Changing up my environment helps me grab inspiration from everything going on around me—and, of course, bottomless coffee helps as well!

After graduating with a Sports, Entertainment, and Events Management degree from Johnson & Wales University, I started out at an events company executing extensive lighting and décor set ups. From there, I spent three years as an events specialist at a catering company, where I focused on sales, planning, and on-site event management for the social and corporate sectors. Coming to Winston Flowers and moving into a sales-specific role in early 2022 felt like a natural next step.

As an event sales & operations specialist at Winston Flowers, I hope to build on existing company relationships as well as create new ones with the local community. I love working with such positive, creative individuals. We are always throwing around ideas about how we can continue to improve the Winston Flowers experience for each and every one of our customers.

Tara McCarthy Tara McCarthy Events
Hi, I'm Tara.
Event Sales Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2022
  • Did you know? I love to travel. My favorite destinations so far are Egypt, French Polynesia, Ireland, and Greece.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? My goal is to start every day with kindness. I challenge myself to communicate and work with people in a way that will be helpful, positive, and make an impact. I want all of my interactions to really make a difference.

Throughout my career, I have always taken professional positions based on my interests and passions. I worked in the airline industry with JetBlue as an Inflight Supervisor, Flight Attendant, and in Operations/Customer Support, which gave me the opportunity to feed my passion for travel by seeing wonderful places and meeting people from all over the world. My desire to work on a team with creative people and cultivate my love for flowers and plants brought me to Winston Flowers.

One of the best perks of being an event sales specialist for the Winston Wedding Collection is that I get to work with couples to interpret their vision for their perfect wedding day. I get to be part of the creative process, working with the best floral designers and the most exquisite flowers, to help add some gorgeous color and magic to every individual wedding experience. My goal is to ensure that the most important day is also the most beautiful day for every bride.

Joe  Donahue Joe Donahue Operations
Hi, I'm Joe.
Director of Operations, Boston Design Studio
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2003
  • Describe your floral style: Textural
  • The most exciting part of my day at Winston Flowers is: The uncertainty of what a day may hold. In my position, there's always a new challenge or opportunity, and I enjoy coming in each day to find out what's in store.

For me, Winston Flowers is a family business in every sense. My mother was a manager at the Hingham shop, I met my wife when she was a floral designer here, my brother is a flower buyer, and my sister helps out during the busy holidays. I initially came to Winston Flowers to work part time in the delivery department while studying Business Management at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Unexpectedly, what was supposed to be a summer job turned into a 15 year career. In 2005, I joined the Delivery & Dispatch team full time. A few years after that, I was approached to join the design team as a design operations coordinator, where I served as a liaison between the delivery and design departments. My next role as assistant design manager called for me to handle our complex operations for major holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and winter holiday installations, until I was eventually promoted to manager of operations. Now, in my current position as director of operations, I oversee all aspects of our Boston design studio operations, special events, and garden design installations, ensuring every project is executed seamlessly and that the client is happy. I thrive on logistics, troubleshooting, and appreciate a good operational challenge. Most of all, I love watching my teams succeed, and I enjoy positioning people for growth and success within the company.

Kelly Bonzani Kelly Bonzani Operations
Hi, I'm Kelly.
Director of Operations, Garden Design & Retail
  • With Winston Flowers since: April 2007
  • Favorite flower: Dark purple sweet pea from Italy
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Making sure people feel valued and know their contributions are important to the company’s bigger picture.

As the director of operations, I have the pleasure of overseeing both our retail locations and our Garden Design teams. Managing our shops means that every day brings a new and exciting opportunity to lift a mood, incite a memory, or bring a smile to someone’s face—all while working closely with our store managers to ensure each client is walking away happy. In overseeing all operations and sales for Garden Design, I work with team members to create a seamless client experience and an outstanding finished product. I share the Winston Flowers passion for offering the finest product available and bring that dedication to the buying process for all plants across the company. In both aspects of my role, I take pride in presenting exceptional products in new and creative ways to ensure the client experience is truly memorable.

Theresa  Larivee Theresa Larivee Operations
Hi, I'm Theresa.
Lead Brand & Product Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since: July 2010
  • Favorite flower: Ever-changing answer! At the moment, hellebore.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I think color is a very powerful tool. Unexpected and sophisticated color stories have the ability to elevate any design.

I have always had a passion for art and design—I studied the practice of printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art. While in school, I introduced myself to the floral industry by working for small florists in the Back Bay area of Boston, and it was then that I began to develop a passion for flowers. I was delighted to join the Winston Flowers family as a design sales associate shortly after graduation. I honed my customer service and design skills and was eventually promoted first to a managerial position and then to design manager of retail. Most recently, I have moved into the position of lead brand & product designer. My role is to oversee the ever-changing website floral collection (we rotate collections 9x per year!) and work with the marketing team on related initiatives. It is wonderful to have a career at a great company and also have the opportunity to be creative every day.

Isabel Winston Isabel Winston Operations
Hi, I'm Isabel.
Gourmet Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: September 2016
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I am extremely impacted by all the creative minds I get to work with at this company on a daily basis.

I have memories of planting orchids at our design studio from the time I was 12 years old. Before joining the Winston Flowers team in a more official capacity, I worked at a café owned by a James Beard Award winner as an intern. That internship eventually grew into a managerial position, and after working there for two years, I realized that I really enjoyed working with food. I was offered a position in our gourmet department, and I’ve been here ever since! I strive to create awareness of our gourmet offerings among our clients, who upon discovering this part of the company seem to love it!  I really enjoy designing our gourmet collection and finding new and different ways to feature products each and every season.

Alex Platero Alex Platero Operations
Hi, I'm Alex.
Operations Manager, New York City
  • With Winston Flowers since: September 2019
  • Favorite season: Fall, when all the leaves start turning yellow and orange and you feel that autumn breeze.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? That each day we have an opportunity to learn something different and get things right.

My first job in New York City was in a flower studio as a design assistant. After a year and a half I got the opportunity to work with Winston Flowers—and here we are! Becoming part of the Winston Family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I believe that each day is an opportunity to grow in different ways. Being in an operations position allows me to take a closer look at every aspect of the business to learn from them, merge ideas, and provide better solutions to my team.

Rochelle Shim-Allwood Rochelle Shim-Allwood Operations
Hi, I'm Rochelle.
Sales & Operations Associate, New York City
  • With Winston Flowers since: October 2022
  • Favorite flower: I love all plants and flowers. I think they’re Mother Nature’s way of showing off her art.
  • Did you know?I was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. My grandparents owned a flower farm in the mountains of Upper Saint Andrew, Jamaica, so I’ve been gardening and making art with flowers from a very young age.

After university, I landed my first job in the hospitality industry and developed a passion for customer service and administration. I worked in a few other similar positions, but always felt like there was something missing. I kept yearning for a career that would allow me to be artistic. I landed a job managing a beauty shop for four years before deciding to go back into the floral industry. This was a perfect fit for me because I got to do customer service, sales, and make art. Being around flowers made me happy every day as it reminded me of the times I spent on my grandparents’ farm. I spent two years at another flower business before discovering Winston Flowers. I did my research and loved what the company had to offer!

At Winston Flowers, my goal is to ensure that I uphold the company’s standards and put my best foot forward every day. I love being in this role because it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself to learn and grow. I also get to witness everyone working as a team to create both beautiful art and memorable experiences.

Carine Bonnet Carine Bonnet Sales
Hi, I'm Carine.
General Manager, New York City
  • With Winston Flowers since? August 2019
  • Favorite season: Spring, because I love flowering branches, but also summer because I love spending time outdoors.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Nature and the environment. I love the simple and effortless beauty of flowers, and I love the foliage and leaves as much as flowers.

I think flowers are in my genes. I grew up living above my family's flower shop in the south of France, and from an early age, my favorite thing to do was to spend time in the store. I still remember my first arrangement and how excited I was when a client bought it. About two decades ago, I moved to New York City and joined L'Olivier Floral Atelier as a floral designer. For the next 17 years, I managed the design studio and VIP accounts. Now, after many years a L'Olivier, I feel that joining Winston Flowers is the perfect new chapter in my career. I am proud to be managing the NYC design team. Above all, floral design is my passion. I wake up every morning excited about the flowers that are going to come in, and about the orders and projects that will challenge our creativity. Using my knowledge and creativity to provide for clients' most precious moments is so rewarding.

Greg Mastroianni Greg Mastroianni Sales
Hi, I'm Greg.
Director of Client Relations
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 1996
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Mother Nature: Whatever I’m doing, I always find a way to incorporate something natural and beautiful.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: My wedding day. Winston Flowers literally transformed my venue into a magical oasis of elegant flowers and glowing candlelight. My guests are still talking about it… 

Service is my passion—and it’s something I’ve been refining every day since I began my career in the hospitality industry, as well as throughout my twenty-five years at Winston Flowers. During this time, I have led my concierge team to redefine full service and provide our clients with an array of world-class services, including personal shopping, custom floral design, and curated gourmet gifts. I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind client experiences that exceed expectations and turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Michael Mishkin Michael Mishkin Sales
Hi, I'm Michael.
Manager of Client Services
  • With Winston Flowers since: June 2021
  • Favorite season: Spring! The days continue to get warmer and longer, and everything is in bloom (including beautiful flowers). It’s the most optimistic time of year.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Understanding people impacts every aspect of what we do. Taking time to understand what motivates people, what drives them, and their passions and aspirations helps to foster connections and build rapport. It is fundamental to offering personal and exemplary service.

My first job was washing dishes at a café next to my house when I was 13. While far from glamorous, the experience taught me the value of hard work and always staying people-focused, no matter my role. I spent the next several years honing my culinary skills before moving on to the hospitality industry, which exposed me to the nuances and intricacies of delivering luxury-level service. Many of the finer hotels in which I worked proudly featured lobby arrangements from Winston Flowers. I would watch guests’ faces light up as they experienced the arrangements—leaning in, breathing in the aromas, touching the petals, and being moved by their natural beauty. This is where I came to understand the impact flowers can have on us.

In my role at Winston, I work to empower a team of truly remarkable service professionals to deliver a genuine, caring, and personal experience. Flowers are more than just flowers; they represent an intangible emotion, thought, or feeling that words cannot express. There is a person sending the flowers, and a person receiving them, and it is just as important to stay focused on the people as it is the flowers themselves.

Ellen Fox Ellen Fox Sales
Hi, I'm Ellen.
Special Services Concierge
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 1997
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Creating a positive environment to ensure any challenges or difficulties are met with an upbeat and hopeful attitude.

I love working with people and have held many positions at Winston Flowers over the years from card desk and client services to holiday installations and events—all of which I have enjoyed very much. These roles have helped me grow creatively and allowed me to become passionate about the exceptional service we provide. Most of all, I love playing a role in bringing a client’s vision to life and knowing they are thrilled with the end result.

Selby Brown Selby Brown Sales
Hi, I'm Selby.
Special Services, New York City
  • With Winston Flowers since: June 2013
  • Favorite flower: Phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I believe every experience has the ability to color your perspective. I try to learn from past experiences to create better ones with what I’ve learned.

My role here at Winston Flowers has been shaped by a rich background in theatre arts and years of experience working in client relations. When it comes to service, my philosophy is deeply rooted in creativity and personal connections, approaching every project with positivity and an enthusiasm for each client’s vision. Being around beautiful, fresh flowers every day keeps me inspired and working with clients to create something special is always a pleasure. I look forward to continuing to introduce our services and gorgeous designs to the NYC area.

Molly Bloomingdale Molly Bloomingdale Sales
Hi, I'm Molly.
Sales Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? January 2022
  • Did you know? I have a cat named Cat.
  • What impacts your way of thinking? The team I work with on a daily basis. I am constantly collaborating and laughing with those around me!

Before working at Winston Flowers, I didn’t believe people who said they actually love their job. I worked in healthcare administration for five years, which taught me a lot but didn’t fulfill my creative side—but that all changed when I started at Winston Flowers as an event sales specialist.

Now, as sales manager, I am the first point of in-house contact for our existing corporate and residential clients. I love working closely with my clients and really forming relationships with each of them. My goal is always to create a custom experience for our clients—it not only makes this job special, but also helps bring my clients’ visions to life!

Tamar Ben-Ayun Tamar Ben-Ayun Sales
Hi, I'm Tamar.
Client Relationship Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? November 2022
  • Favorite season: Summer, because I love spending time in the sun with family and wearing sandals.
  • Favorite flower: The parrot tulip is a true showstopper.

I have spent the majority of my career in customer service and account management roles in luxury e-commerce, technology, and retail. On the side, I did freelance makeup artistry for brides and bridal parties and I was always honored to be an impactful part of their special occasions. Seeking to work in an industry that I had personal interest in, I joined Winston Flowers and I am so inspired by the team’s dedication to our clients.

As client relationship manager, my main goal is to provide excellent service to our clients, and to help each one feel relaxed and special.

Joseph Didonato Joseph Didonato Sales
Hi, I'm Joseph.
Sales Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since? 2022
  • Favorite flower: Anemone
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I always consider how to make the most out of any situation while adding a little humor.

I have always had a passion for design. After starting my career in college enrollment management and spending more than ten years in retail management for a home store, I decided it was time to pursue that passion. For the last six years, I have worked within the design industry in various capacities—first running a high-end antiques and vintage showroom in the Boston Design Center, and then managing the creative and operations side of a showroom for an interior designer in Boston’s South End.

As an account executive at Winston Flowers, I love getting to meet new people and sharing the Winston Flowers brand with our clients. I take pride in matching the perfect product with each client’s individual needs. I couldn’t imagine any well-designed space without the addition of beautiful flowers and plants, and no one does it better than Winston Flowers.

Kate Evans Kate Evans Marketing
Kate Evans
Hi, I'm Kate.
Director of Marketing
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2014
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus, in every color
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Seeing and smelling the sea of flowers that take over the Design Studio during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s magical. 

My career began in New York City, where I worked in public relations, representing clients in various luxury industries. I handled a number of notable brands including Maker’s Mark, The Macallan, Halekulani in Hawaii, The Lanesborough in London, and Red Door Spas. It was during this time that I developed a love for marketing and eventually stepped into a role at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy as a brand manager for Veuve Clicquot champagne. I implemented national marketing programs, developed sales collateral, and played a key role in overseeing brand events, including the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. After more than seven years in New York City, I moved to Boston and found my dream job at Winston Flowers. As the director of marketing, I work with an incredible team to manage the company’s website, email campaigns, social media, public relations, and strategic programs. Without a doubt, my favorite part of my job is naming the arrangements in each collection! I’m honored to market such a distinguished and innovative brand.

Caitie Cawley Caitie Cawley Marketing
Kate Evans
Hi, I'm Caitie.
Content Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: September 2022
  • Favorite flower: Poppies and ranunculus
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I’m always looking for new ways to create offline: shibori, film photography, and ceramics have been endless sources of inspiration as well as opportunities to explore texture, color, and light.

I’ve always had a passion for art and design, but I became obsessed with social media while I was in college. Instagram and Pinterest were both new and I would spend hours scrolling for inspiration. Eventually, I started posting and fell in love with curating a feed of content. I began my career as a social media contractor and then spent six years on the marketing teams of innovative beauty brands.

As the content manager, I collaborate with each department to showcase all areas of the business on our social channels. I strive to share photos and videos that pull back the curtain and give our followers an inside look at Winston Flowers. The social media landscape is ever-changing and I’m always brainstorming ways to engage and delight our community!

Jennifer Behr Jennifer Behr Marketing
Hi, I'm Jennifer.
Marketing Operations & Automation Specialist
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 2015
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus & lilac
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I’m always looking for patterns that can be used to improve our client experience and lead to insights that help Winston Flowers continue to be an industry leader.

I have always had an interest in travel and genuine human connections, which lead me to pursuing a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst. Upon graduation, I joined a boutique hotel company and worked with them for seven years in various departments and properties. I fell in love with the operations side of the hospitality industry, solving problems for staff and guests alike.

Eventually I was ready for a change of pace and jumped at the opportunity to bring my customer service and operations background to a new, yet aligned, industry. Winston Flowers fit the bill 100% and I started in the client services department before moving into an operations-based position. Recently, I have begun working with our marketing department. In my current role, I look for insights from our website and client-reported experiences to improve communication with our loyal clients, better enhance our business decisions, identify areas for growth, and improve our day-to-day operations. I love that this role is one where I am constantly learning and involved in the growth and improvement of such a well-loved company.

Jordan Steinberg Jordan Steinberg Retail
Hi, I'm Jordan.
Visual Manager, Retail
  • With Winston Flowers since: June 2015
  • Favorite flower: Dahlia
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I am an equal split between left brain and right brain. I am constantly pulling inspiration from my creative side to build beautiful spaces and my more analytical side when it comes to shop-ability, ordering, and neatness.

I grew up in Boston, where Winston Flowers was a household name. In college, I studied graphic design but soon realized that I preferred making personal connections with clients at my part-time retail job to sitting in front of a computer all day. So one day when I walked into the Newbury Street store and saw that they were hiring, I applied! I knew it would be the perfect way to combine my love of working with people with channeling my creativity and getting my hands dirty. As visual manager, I collaborate with many different departments and colleagues to create the ‘Winston look’ in our shops. The goal is to showcase our containers, plants, and flowers together seamlessly so that clients walk in and say, “Wow, that’s beautiful.” I put in the hard work to make that happen, and putting all the puzzle pieces together is my favorite part.

Dee Bobby Dee Bobby Retail
Hi, I'm Dee.
Store Manager, Winston Flower & Garden
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 2019
  • Favorite flower: ‘Hanoi’ ranunculus
  • What impacts your way of thinking? My environment. I like being surrounded by creative, positive people. I love all of the creativity and the beauty that my day involves.

I have been in retail my entire career and previously owned a flower shop. I left a large retail company to find my niche and, luckily, Winston Flowers was hiring! As store manager, I support my team at Winston Flowers & Garden to be successful. I love the opportunity to train each team member and develop their individual skills. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that we are creating a wonderful experience for our clientele.

Aneli Parman Aneli Parman Retail
Hi, I'm Aneli.
Store Manager, Newbury Street
  • With Winston Flowers since: August 2020
  • Favorite season: Fall for the crisp air, colors, and, most importantly, apple cider donuts.
  • Did you know? I grew up in Estonia and came to America when I was 19 with a few hundred dollars to my name and a loose grasp of the English language.

After moving from Estonia to New York City, I spent nearly ten years working in the hospitality industry. I’ve always filled my home with plants and greenery, but never considered it as a profession until a friend asked me to put together a homemade bouquet for an anniversary with his wife. She loved it, and I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I was creating floral arrangements for fun and refreshing the Winston Flowers website for job openings.

As the manager of the Newbury Street store, I get such fulfillment from educating clients on the benefits of our offerings and truly believe that plants make life a little more pleasant for all of us.

Anna Dombrowski Anna Dombrowski Retail
Hi, I'm Anna.
Store Manager, Greenwich
  • With Winston Flowers since: April 2021
  • Favorite flower: All types of roses!
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I love to create a goal each day and challenge myself to exceed it.

I began my career in the hospitality industry at several different luxury hotels and in many different managerial roles. My fiancé used to work at Winston Flowers in Greenwich and always said that it was his favorite place to work. After we moved back to Boston, he suggested that I apply, so I took his advice—and I am so happy I did! I spent a year managing the Newbury Street shop, and am now delighted to be back in Greenwich as store manager. I love creating a client connection. There is always an occasion for buying flowers and plants and I love speaking to the client and learning why they chose to come in. It helps me understand what would be the best option for them, what they would enjoy the most, and to create personalized options for their occasions. I love to have a client leave happy!

Kayla Jarufe Kayla Jarufe Retail
Hi, I'm Kayla.
Sales Manager, Greenwich
  • With Winston Flowers since: March 2022
  • Favorite flower: 'Free spirit' rose
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Definitely my environment and the people I am surrounded by.

I grew up in Norfolk, VA and in 2014 graduated from Radford University with a degree in public relations. After interning for multiple companies in media relations departments and working at various jobs in Denver, CO, and Greenwich, CT, I realized my true passion was in helping others. I found that I enjoyed making connections with clients and figuring out how I could meet their needs, and also wanted to do something that challenged me daily and kept me on my toes. I had always been interested in the floral industry but was never sure how to become a part of it. While job searching I saw that Winston Flowers was hiring and I immediately applied! In my role, I strive to make our customers feel welcome and give them an amazing curated shopping experience. I love seeing clients' faces light up when I help them put together a special arrangement or find the perfect container for a space in their home. Getting to hear our clients' stories and be involved in special moments in their lives is truly a pleasure and something I really enjoy.

Dan McGrath Dan McGrath Garden Design
Hi, I'm Dan.
Lead Garden Designer
  • With Winston Flowers since: May 2010
  • Favorite plant: Staghorn fern
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Working alongside creative people inspires me to approach the design process in new and different ways.

I started working at Winston Flowers as a delivery associate after graduating from Holy Cross in 2010. I studied economics, music production, and Mandarin Chinese in college—so as you can imagine, I hadn’t planned on a career in the floral industry. However, after joining the Winston Flowers family, I quickly fell in love with the company and haven’t looked back. Over the last few years, I spent time honing my design skills at Winston Flowers & Garden in Chestnut Hill and eventually transitioned to a role on the garden design team. Now, as the lead garden designer, I bring the Winston Flowers signature design aesthetic and expertise to homes across New England. I thoroughly enjoy problem solving in creative and collaborative ways in order to live up to, and surpass, our clients’ expectations.

Dan McGrath Mackenzie Loff Garden Design
Hi, I'm Mackenzie.
Garden Design Sales Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2023
  • Favorite flower: White tulips
  • Did you know? I lived in California for many years, and I have been enjoying learning about all the different flora from coast to coast!

My professional background is almost entirely in the hospitality and wine industries, and I am a certified Sommelier. I’ve spent a lot of time studying wine and grapes, which translates quite well into learning about other types of indoor and outdoor plants in Garden Design! My role at Winston Flowers is to help our clients beautify their most important spaces: their homes and businesses. I love that we can transform spaces so quickly and easily with plants, making our clients’ spaces feel both homey and reinvented at the same time. I also love how dynamic this department is—no day is ever the same and there are opportunities to learn new skills from my colleagues and clients alike on a daily basis. Every team member has something unique to offer and I make sure to ask as many questions as I can to take advantage of each and every one of them.

Ashley Cromwell Ashley Cromwell Garden Design
Hi, I'm Ashley.
Client Relationship Manager, Garden Design
  • With Winston Flowers since: December 2019
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flower: Cappuccino rose

After graduating with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, I started my career in the world of luxury hotels. I was first introduced to Winston Flowers when they created the spectacular lobby display in the hotel where I worked. I was so impressed with not only the quality of the design, but even more so with the service we received from the Winston Flowers team. Now, as a part of that team, I am motivated by making my clients happy day after day. Sales is ultimately about helping people and I genuinely enjoy the opportunity to provide our clients with exceptional customer service. Every day is different and unexpected, whether I am helping clients to create their dream roof deck in the city or adding new life into interior spaces in the suburbs.

Kiersten Peterson Kiersten Peterson Human Resources
Hi, I'm Kiersten.
Director of Human Resources
  • With Winston Flowers since: January 2004
  • What impacts your way of thinking? Constantly collaborating with creative, passionate, and energetic people inspires me to be my best self, as well as find the perfect candidates to complement this amazing team.
  • Favorite Winston Flowers moment: Whenever I smell hyacinth it reminds me of walking through the door on my first day.

I grew up in upstate New York but moved to Boston in 1997 to try a change of pace and never left. After completing graduate school in an unrelated field, I applied to Macy’s for a seasonal retail sales position. Instead, I was offered a position in the HR department, where I was tasked with hiring the entire seasonal staff. Through that baptism by fire, I fell in love with the pace and dynamic atmosphere of HR. I spent a few years working in the temporary staffing industry before shifting to corporate recruiting at a handful of start-ups, and, finally, as an employee relations manager at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. Seeking to make a transition to an industry that held more personal interest for me, I joined Winston Flowers in January of 2004 and found exactly what I was looking for.

Kimberly Cassidy Kimberly Cassidy Human Resources
Hi, I'm Kimberly.
HR Generalist
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 2022
  • Favorite flower: Violet
  • Did you know? I have a cat named Winston!

I have worked in human resources since I graduated from Salve Regina University in 2018. I enjoy supporting employees with all of their HR needs, including benefits, onboarding, training, and more. I also love plants and gardening at home, and have been a fan of Winston Flowers on Newbury Street for years—so when I stumbled upon this job opportunity, it was a match made in heaven! I previously came from a much larger company, so it has been a pleasure getting to know the associates I support here on a more personal level at this family-owned organization. Helping others is what drives and motivates me, plus the beautiful flowers I get to see every day at work don’t hurt!

Joe Feng Joe Feng Human Resources
Hi, I'm Joe.
Talent Acquisition Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: November 2022
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • What impacts your way of thinking? I believe that nothing can stop a focused mind with a smiley face.

I came to Boston to pursue my master’s degree in Public Relations at Boston University. My career started at a local newspaper before I began my journey with recruitment as part of Encore Boston Harbor’s opening team in 2018. My group hired over 5,000 employees across all business units to open the resort. After building my foundation in HR there, I ventured out and joined a 3D printing company as their Operations Recruiter, responsible for filling a variety of positions within the company. Along the way, I was always familiar with Winston Flowers and its superb product and service quality. After getting introduced by a headhunter, I am so glad to have joined the team here and be part of the legacy.

What I noticed immediately after starting at Winston Flowers is how genuine and happy our employees are. My job is to work with all business units and attract more talent to this happy family so we can continue fostering excellence and taking care of our clients’ precious moments.

Ashley Frenier Ashley Frenier Human Resources
Hi, I'm Ashley.
Workplace Experience Manager
  • With Winston Flowers since: October 2008
  • Favorite flower: Ranunculus and fritillaria
  • What impacts your way of thinking? That each day is a new opportunity to create an unforgettable experience for our clients and exceed their expectations.

I graduated from Suffolk University in 2007 with a degree in advertising. While working for a small advertising firm in Boston, I was inspired to make a career change after seeing the gorgeous flowers that were delivered to the office weekly. Upon arriving at the Winston Flowers Design Studio, I knew I had found the right place for me and began to carve out a career path that took me from client services associate to sales operations manager. Most recently, I have transitioned to the Human Resources department as the Workplace Experience Manager. I feel as though I have truly found my niche and being able to collaborate with so many areas of the business is my favorite part of this role!