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    Thoughtfully hand-compiled to order.

Hand-selected treats. Personally curated collections. Unique choices for every taste.

Winston Flowers’ Gourmet Gift Collection celebrates the flavors and talents of New England. Masterfully designed by our in-house curator, our gourmet products are locally sourced from family-owned businesses, long-standing community relationships and the fresh talents of local artisans—bringing together an entire community of the region’s finest purveyors. With an approach to good food that is delicious and always beautiful, each crate in our collection is curated to uphold the integrity of small-batch quality and honest ingredients… and includes many specialty items created exclusively for us. When you give Winston Flowers Gourmet, you are always giving a gift of good taste.

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About Our Gourmet Manager

Bob Sances has always been interested in good food and design. With years of experience as a waiter, maitre d’, restaurant manager and live-in cook, he brings a variety of skills and talents to Winston Flowers. After consulting for an inaugural holiday season in 2012, Bob’s ideas and innovations proved to be a great success. He was handed the keys to the gourmet collection and encouraged to work his magic. And work magic he has— with a knack for finding the best local producers of fine food, Bob loves developing relationships with emerging and small-scale artisans. His commitment to supporting these businesses has transformed our collection to a celebration of small batch New England foods. When compiling a gourmet crate, Bob’s thought process is always governed by three basic principles: include something they just have to eat today, something they can savor tomorrow and something they can always save for later.

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