Gourmet Gift Boxes

Thoughtfully curated gifts brimming with local offerings for every taste.

A Taste of Gourmet

Savor the finest flavors New York and New England have to offer. Our gourmet gift boxes celebrate the talents of local artisans dedicated to making small-batch foods using honest ingredients. Each crate is thoughtfully curated with finely crafted favorites—many of which are exclusive to Winston Flowers—and beautifully dressed with seasonal touches in our signature charcoal crates. Available for local delivery in Boston, Manhattan, Fairfield County, and Westchester County, and by courier anywhere in the United States. When you give the gift of Winston Flowers Gourmet, you’re always giving the gift of good taste.

We Love Local

We select our offerings based on a variety of factors, favoring high-quality, natural ingredients above all else. Each year our gourmet program has grown, we’ve put more emphasis on buying locally, moving away from importing products and instead choosing to work directly with local artisans. We love collaborating with our vendors to bring you exclusive products, and we’re always on the lookout for interesting flavors with a botanical spin. Items featuring rose petals, hints of lavender, and the sweetness of violets are just some of what you’ll enjoy when you indulge in Winston Flowers Gourmet.

It All Comes Back to Flowers

Just as we design our floral arrangements, we create our gourmet gift boxes in a similar manner—choosing a product to serve as the focal point, selecting a color scheme, and layering in lots of texture. We design each and every crate individually, building around our favorite items before taking a step back to ensure all baskets within a seasonal collection feel complementary of one another. Color themes tend to vary from season to season, with summer showcasing brighter elements and winter favoring darker jewel tones. Most important to our design process, however, is creating a presentation that’s reflective of the honest and natural products we source. That’s why we include organic touches and textures that contribute to the overall design. Paying close attention to these details not only ensures our gourmet offerings are beautiful, it also means they are cohesive with our brand and values.

It's Personal

We make every effort to visit the growers of our flowers and the makers of our accessories, so it only makes sense that we would want to know the artisans behind our gourmet items. In this very personal business, we’re often sending gifts that help convey an emotion, whether expressing love or sympathy. It’s fitting for us to build and foster these personal relationships because knowing the vendors we purchase from means believing in the products we are offering. We love being able to support small businesses and unlike the nature of buying flowers grown in New England, we’re able to buy our gourmet products locally all year round. We make a conscious effort to buy items crafted in New York and New England, with offerings that include exclusive candles hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY, goods baked in Concord, MA, and artisan cheeses made in Plymouth, VT. Working with local makers means we’re able to offer specialty items produced in limited quantities, so you’re always sending something special.

Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy

Our gourmet crates cater to every person, every taste, and every occasion. Shipping crates nationally is something we love being able to do because it means allowing you to send a taste of New York or New England to friends and family across the country. Our gourmet gifts also make a thoughtful addition to any of our floral designs. Say congratulations on a new arrival with a flower arrangement complemented by one of our thoughtful baby baskets or a quartet of roses paired with our romantic Champagne & Candlelight crate to make an occasion extra memorable. Because our crates are designed to be cohesive with our brand, they make a natural addition to any of the designs found in our floral collections. Of course, a gourmet gift from Winston Flowers can stand alone, but it doesn’t have to.