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The Flower Story

Our Product

Our buying team searches the globe to bring you the best of the floral marketplace. Every bloom we feature is hand-selected for its unique character, longevity, freshness, rarity and color. Winston Flowers buyers are in daily communication with our growers, assessing each flower for peak performance and quality before purchasing. Every effort is made - from selection to proper conditioning - to anticipate best possible experience for our clients.

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Direct from Farmers

Our reputation for world-class product starts at the source: our growers. For decades we have built and nurtured relationships with the best farmers and floral brokers worldwide. We choose to purchase directly from our growers for two simple reasons: it ensures the absolute best product for our clients, and it enables us to maintain an uncompromising level of integrity. It's important to us that our suppliers are Fair Trade certified, as well as socially and enviornmentally conscious.

We're All About Local ... Whenever We Can Be

When Winston Flowers is able to support local growers, we make every possible effort to do so. The best season for local bounty spans from late summer to early fall, when nearly 50-70% of Winston Flowers product is native to New England! Best-loved blooms like peonies, lilac, sunflowers, snapdragons, calla lilies and dahlias are each grown and harvested nearby in the appointed seasons.