The Flower Story

A look at how we source and select our flowers.

Our Flowers & Plants

From local farms to international growers, our buyers search the globe to bring you the best available product in the floral marketplace. Each and every bloom is hand-selected for its unique character, longevity, and freshness and our buyers are in constant communication with our growers to assess each flower for quality and performance before purchasing. From meticulous selection to proper conditioning, we take the utmost care to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. With access to some of the most exclusive flowers from countries like the Netherlands, Italy, France, Ecuador, and more, our passion is bringing beauty to your everyday life.

Sourcing Directly From Farmers

Our reputation for world-class product starts at the source. For decades we have worked hard to build and maintain relationships with growers, choosing to purchase directly from farms for two simple reasons: It ensures our clients receive the best possible product available, and it enables us to maintain an uncompromising level of integrity. As a third generation, family-owned business it’s important to us that our suppliers are Fair Trade certified, as well as socially and environmentally conscious—we even fly most of our imported flowers on commercial passenger airplanes to preserve fuel and reduce excess shipping. That’s why our buyers are not only selective, they are hands-on throughout the selection process to uphold ethical business practices that are aligned with our values.

We’re All About Local … Whenever We Can Be

At Winston Flowers, we make every effort to support our local growers whenever possible. However, New England’s short-lived growing season makes it nearly impossible to source locally year-round. That being said, during the summer and into early fall, nearly 50-70% of our product is native to New England. Blooms like peonies, lilac, sunflowers, and dahlias are grown nearby and harvested in their appointed seasons, and herbs like mint and rosemary come from neighboring farms in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Supporting local farmers is not only at the core of our values it also offers our clients fresh and beautiful seasonal products.