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The Flower Story

It all starts with a single bloom

Our buying team searches the globe to bring our clients the best of the floral marketplace. We prioritize the most exclusive and long-lasting flowers available in each season, taking into account their unique attributes, freshness, color, and assigned quality ‘grades.’ We buy only the top grade available in order to ensure peak performance and quality of every flower in every arrangement.

Take a Look

Straight from the farm

Our reputation for world-class product starts at the source: our growers. For decades we have built and nurtured relationships with the best farmers and floral brokers worldwide. We choose to purchase directly from growers—rather than wholesalers—for two simple reasons: it ensures the finest possible product for our clients, and it enables us to maintain an uncompromising level of integrity. We only work with growers that adhere to environmentally- and socially-conscious practices such as improving the communities in which they operate and using systems that are state-of-the-art and energy efficient.

We source locally whenever we can

When Winston Flowers is able to support growers closer to home, we make every possible effort to do so. The prime season spans from late summer to early fall, when the majority of Winston Flowers product is native to North America. Best-loved blooms and textures like sunflowers, dahlias, geranium, mint, and seasonal grasses are each grown and harvested nearby in the appointed seasons.

But some of our flowers fly!

Of course, the temperamental weather of the Northeast precludes us from buying locally all the time. We import beautiful varieties of flowers from all over the world, such as tulips from Holland, sweet pea from Italy, and specialty varieties of roses from Ecuador. To help preserve fuel and reduce excess shipping, most of our flowers are transported via commercial passenger airplanes. You may have flown with some of them yourself!

Designs as fresh as the flowers

Our collections are ever-evolving and reimagined seasonally. In fact, we offer nine entirely unique collections each year to reflect both the seasons and annual holidays: Winter, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Mother’s Day, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, and Holiday. Each of our arrangements is designed with skill and artistry by a team of floral innovators, many of whom boast decades of elite experience in the industry.

Just days from dirt to your door

With all the thought and care that goes into the creation of our arrangements, you might imagine that it’s a long process—but after nearly 80 years in business, we’ve got it down to a science. Our flowers are delivered right to your door mere days after growing in the ground, even if they’ve flown across the world. That’s why every arrangement you receive from Winston Flowers is guaranteed to be fresh, long-lasting, and undeniably beautiful.