Design of the Month

Give a gift that keeps giving with a subscription to our exclusive flower arrangements. Each month, our talented team of designers creates original pieces using the most exquisite blooms and color palettes of the season—available to participants of the program only. Simply place a single order to give or receive monthly flower arrangements delivered straight to your door.
  • Available in installments of three, six, or twelve consecutive months
  • Option for $100 or $200 subscriptions per month (plus tax)
  • Delivery is included; you may call us to reschedule deliveries as needed
  • Note: Promotion codes or upgrades cannot be used for Design of the Month.
Our premium Dutch tulips are in the ground in Holland mere days before they arrive at your door—and April is the perfect time of year to enjoy their lively hues. Our cheerful design features an assortment of colorful double tulips and spring green textures in a leaf-lined vase.

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  • All prices in USD ($)

  • 3 Months of $100 Designs


  • 3 Months of $200 Designs


  • 6 Months of $100 Designs


  • 6 Months of $200 Designs


  • 12 Months of $100 Designs


  • 12 Months of $200 Designs


3 Months of $100 Designs - $300.00

3 Months of $200 Designs - $600.00

6 Months of $100 Designs - $600.00

6 Months of $200 Designs - $1,200.00

12 Months of $100 Designs - $1,200.00

12 Months of $200 Designs - $2,400.00