Charity In Bloom

Our Mission Statement

A strong commitment to our community has been important to the Winston Family since the opening of the first Winston Flowers store in 1944. The Charity in Bloom program was more recently created to increase awareness and raise funds for individual non-profit organizations who work to improve health and wellness of children and families through medical research, education and mentorship. Each month, proceeds from our custom-designed arrangements are shared with our partner organization to support their initiatives.


Pink roses are a lovely token of spring—send positive thoughts and beauty while supporting a worthy cause. Through our Charity in Bloom program, Winston Flowers is proud to contribute 20% of the purchase price of this floral design to SquashBusters (MA) and Squash Haven (CT/NY) for the month of April, available anywhere in the United States.

SquashBusters (MA):
For 20 years, SquashBusters has been improving the lives of hundreds of Boston and Lawrence middle and high school students through an intensive program that combines squash and fitness, academic enrichment, community service and college mentoring. With 99% of program graduates matriculating to college, the SquashBusters model has proven successful in providing its students the tools and opportunities they need to grow into healthy, successful adults.  To learn more about SquashBusters, visit

Squash Haven (CT/NY): Squash Haven provides individually directed academic enrichment, squash instruction, and college placement support to New Haven public school students in fifth grade through high school.  Through intensive tuition-free academic and squash sessions at Yale University, Squash Haven supports New Haven youth to achieve school success, physical fitness, athletic excellence, and access to compelling long term opportunities. To learn more about Squash Haven, visit

One Million Dollars And Counting

With great excitement and gratitude, we are pleased to announce that our philanthropic program, Charity in Bloom, has raised more than $1 million dollars for our partner organizations. Since its introduction in May 2010, Charity in Bloom has generated needed funds for more than thirty organizations who work to improve the health and wellness of children and families through medical research, education and mentorship. It is with great appreciation that we share this milestone with you— and look forward to your valued support of this program in the future.

Interested In Charity In Bloom?

We are currently reviewing candidates for the 2018 cycle. If interested, please assemble background information about your organization and send it to:

  • Impacting The Community: Boys & Girls Club of Boston

    A Boston organization dedicated to helping young people build strong character and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.

    Funds raised from one month of Charity in Bloom helped:

    • 10 members attend college tours
    • 20 members take SAT classes
    • 20 members go on an overnight hiking adventure
    • 80 members participate in book club
    • 200 members learn how to swim
    • Provide staff and materials for teen leadership club’s activities and service projects, including a holiday party for homeless teens and caroling in the community
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston
  • Impacting The Community: Perkins School for the Blind

    Perkins is committed to providing education and services that build productive, meaningful lives for children and adults around the world who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired with or without other disabilities.

    Corinne Grousbeck, Chair-Elect for Perkins Board of Trustees:
    “We were fortunate to be selected as the very first Charity in Bloom partner. We were honored to co-brand with such a reputable, socially-conscious business. Our collaboration not only raised valuable funds— but another major benefit is one we never anticipated. Due to our partnership with Winston Flowers, every associate within the company has learned about our mission. One of our biggest challenges is finding jobs for our students who are visually impaired. Upon discovering that we have a horticulture center on campus, Winston Flowers created a summer vocational program run by their employees to teach our students about business and the art of floral arranging.”

    Perkins School for the Blind
  • Impacting The Community: One Family

    The One Family Scholars program helps homeless and at-risk single parents as they enroll in, or return to, college to make a better life for themselves and their children.

    Penny Fireman, Board of Directors of One Family:
    “Each year that One Family has been a partner in the program, the amount of money raised has grown. This past year, as a result of Charity in Bloom, we were able to provide financial aid and coaching services to six single parents as they seek the college degree that will help them secure a family-sustaining career. Through Charity in Bloom, One Family and our mission of ending family homelessness have reached new audiences that we would never have touched before.”

    One Family