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Make a beautiful snack board with Winston Flowers.

Ready, Set, Snack!

Hosting this season? No gathering is complete without a snackable centerpiece of cozy fall flavors. From cheese choice to perfect placement, we’ll show you how to build the best board for your next wine, game, or movie night.

Farmhouse Cheese Crate

1. Choose a beautiful board

It’s all about the details. We love a round wooden cutting board for a base that’s both functional and visually appealing.

2. Mix it up

Your cheese selections should include a variety of textures and tastes, such as creamy, funky, sharp, and hard.

3. Temperature check

Bring the cheese to room temperature 30 minutes before serving for optimum flavor.

4. Don’t forget the sweet stuff

Include accompaniments like fresh fruit, dried fruit, and jam for that perfect salty-sweet bite.

5. Put first things first

Serve smaller bites like nuts in bowls. Place the bowls on the board first, then arrange your cheese and crackers around them.

6. Make it easy

Short on time? Leave it to the experts to curate an ideal selection of snacks. From specialty dried fruit to umami-rich cheeses, the Farmhouse Cheese Crate strikes the perfect balance of sweet and savory satisfaction.

See all of these tips come together as we style a snack board in the video below!

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Ready, Set, Snack!