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Love Blooms at Winston Flowers

At Winston Flowers, you could say that love is our thing. We're in the business of helping people express emotions, celebrate romance, and send heartfelt gestures big and small. So, it's not surprising that some of our team members have found love inside our doors. Below, learn about four couples with the ultimate meet cute: working together at Winston Flowers.

Jeanne and Justin

Jeanne (Events) & Justin (Flower Maintenance)

Justin and Jeanne first met in May 2013 on Jeanne's very first day at the Boston Design Studio. They were married five years later on June 9, 2018.

Fun fact: Their love blossomed during Jeanne's first few months at Winston, when Justin would jump at the chance to help her with order discrepancies, selecting plants for a client, or … anything, really. Fast forward ten years and they're now married with two beautiful children, Rex and Henry.

Samantha and Dan

Samantha (Events) & Dan (Garden Design)

Sam and Dan met at our Chestnut Hill shop in 2014 and got married this past June. Of course, Winston designed their wedding flowers!

Fun fact: When Sam was first learning how to make boutonnieres at work, she brought an early sample to one of their first dates for Dan to wear.

Amanda (Operations) & Mike (Delivery)

This duo met at the Boston Design Studio last December when Amanda transitioned from the client services team to the operations desk on the design floor. They've been together for over a year now!

Fun fact: The design floor is kept pretty cold to prolong the life of our flowers. When they first started dating, Mike would visit different coffee shops on his lunch break to surprise Amanda with a hot chai tea to keep her warm at her desk.

Zulma (Custom Design) & Julio (Garden Design)

While they didn't technically meet at Winston Flowers, they're both longtime employees so we couldn't leave them off our list! Zulma and Julio met in 2013 and have been married since 2014—and now they live and work together every day.

Fun fact: Julio loves to buy Zulma her favorite purple dahlias when they are in season. There is one vibrant shade in particular that he knows are her favorite!

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Love Blooms at Winston Flowers