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How We Holiday

At Winston Flowers, we're in the business of making holiday magic. Right after Thanksgiving, our team of merry-makers gets to work creating bright and festive floral designs, spectacular displays of holiday décor around the city and beyond, and beautiful gifts to enchant lucky recipients near and far.

Meet One of the Magic Makers

Rony DeLeon started at Winston Flowers in 2007, sweeping floors and collecting the empty flower buckets from the design floor. Today, as Maintenance and Processing Manager, Rony is one of the most crucial team members at the Boston design studio.

Below, he gives us a peek behind the scenes during the holiday season:

Rony DeLeon cares for a fresh delivery of flowers and foliage.

It takes an army

"On days that flowers arrive, my team takes inventory of all the boxes—and this time of year, we’re talking 300-400 boxes per shipment. We process the stems, checking the quality, giving them a fresh cut, and getting them in water. This all happens while we continue to check on the maintenance needs of the building. The stem piles happen so quickly!"

It's no easy feat

"People don’t realize that flowers can be high pressure. Especially for the holidays, there are so many things going on and so much to do. For example, we process tens of thousands of flowers every December."

It's worth it

"When the product for an upcoming event or installation is fully processed, labeled, and in the cooler, I feel good. It’s a detailed process. When a holiday is over, it’s a good feeling knowing that we got it all done and I get to go celebrate Christmas with my family."

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How We Holiday