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Jordan spends time selecting beautiful stems for an arrangement

A Day in the Life

Meet Jordan Steinberg, Visual Manager of Retail at Winston Flowers:

I’ve always loved plants and flowers. That's what drew me to Winston Flowers in the first place. And as a person who is heavily influenced by the world around me—both the people and the physical places—I’m motivated to create beautiful spaces for others to experience.

Welcome to a day in my life at Winston Flowers.

Jordan Steinberg, Visual Manager of Retail

4:30 AM: An Early Start

I wake up, do a quick stretching workout, get dressed, grab my coffee, and head out. I’ll wear something that is professional but easy to move in (and I won’t mind getting dirty).

6:30 AM: Go Time

Today I’ve planned a fall floor move at our Newbury Street shop, so I stop at our Chestnut Hill property—where we keep the largest inventory of plants and containers—to grab supplies and see if there are elements I want to pull for Newbury’s new displays. I focus on seasonal products and colors because we’re always striving for seasonality at Winston Flowers; it motivates any updates or changes we make throughout our entire company.

Did you know?  We completely refresh the look of each store—a process we call a floor move—at least six times a year to coincide with both season changes and holidays.

7:45 AM: Execution

Once we arrive at the Newbury shop, I show the Garden Design team and store manager Aneli what the plan is for the move. I begin to merchandise the window displays and the whole team starts to create beautiful orchid plantings and succulent gardens. As we work, we make sure each display has multiple elements to inspire. Plant varieties and colors need to work together visually, but also provide interest through diversity in size and texture. There should be something for everyone in each display, whether it’s a grab-n-go gift or an interesting house plant for a personal purchase.

12 PM: Break

We take a quick break for lunch. I have a salad. On days where I am really working the creative part of my brain, I prefer to stay in the flow and mindset of that day, so I keep the break brief.

3:30 PM: Final Review

As we wrap up, Aneli and I assess how we feel about the store. First we consider: Does the store look full, clean, and ready to shop? Can clients easily reach or view everything they may be interested in? And, most importantly, does the store feel seasonal? We want our shops to echo what our clients are experiencing in each season and what they are wanting to introduce into their homes or send to loved ones at that moment.

Did you know?  In the fall, our shops feature everything from pumpkins, gourds, and mini harvest corns to autumnal branches and seasonal plants like orange anthurium and rust-colored orchids.

4:15 PM: Fin!

We’ve decided that we’re happy with the end result, so we head back to Chestnut Hill, empty the vans, and call it a day.

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A Day in the Life