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beautiful arrangement of orange Dahlias against a grey background

Flower 411: Dahlias

Gorgeous colors, pristine petals, and the most pleasing sense of symmetry: dahlias are a fall fave for good reason. But there’s even more to these beautiful blooms than meets the eye—here’s the scoop on the perfect pompoms that steal our hearts each autumn.

No. 1: Name

Dahlias are named for the 18th century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl. Interestingly, thanks to the edible tuber that grows underground, Dahl saw the plant as a vegetable first and foremost.

No. 2: Symbolism

Dahlias are rich in symbolism. They were considered a symbol of commitment and an everlasting union during the Victorian era, and today they’re used to represent inner strength, creativity, and elegance.

No. 3: Size

The head of a dahlia can grow to be a full foot in diameter! We use the largest variety—called dinnerplate dahlias—to make a statement at special events.

No. 4: Color

Dahlias rely on their amazing spectrum of color to attract pollinating insects. They come in every shade of the rainbow—except for blue, which has so far proven elusive to breeders.

No. 5: Source

Today, dahlias are grown all over the world. We are proud to source ours from local growers in Massachusetts, New York, California, and Canada.

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Flower 411: Dahlias