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Motherly advice from the employees at Winston Flowers

From Bud to Bloom

The word ‘mother’ encompasses so much. Mothers are our first teachers, our biggest cheerleaders, and the guiding force in so many of our lives. They shape who we are and who we become with their love, wisdom, and care. Below, team members at Winston Flowers share how their mothers helped them grow from bud to bloom—or how they now do the same for children of their own.

Scott Bosse & mom

Scott Bosse

Senior Client Relationship Manager of Events

My mom said, “Believe in your child’s dreams and support their goals. You do not have to agree all of the time, but if they are passionate about something enough to work for it, then do not discourage them. This is one of the most important things you can do for them.”

Carine Bonnet & brother

Carine Bonnet

General Manager, New York City

My mom was a florist and I grew up watching her work so hard. She taught me everything I know, and more importantly, she showed me that it is not just a job—but a passion. Two years ago, my own daughter worked at Winston Flowers for Mother’s Day, and I was so proud to see her enthusiasm and show her why I love what I do.

Jennifer Behr & mom

Jennifer Behr

Studio Operations Manager, Boston

My mom would say “If it has oats, a cookie can be considered breakfast.” It might sound silly, but it taught me to think outside the box—reminding me that just because something isn’t the norm doesn’t mean it isn’t correct.

Emily Rowley & kids

Emily Rowley

Graphic Designer

Schedule yourself something to look forward to. As moms, we can get bogged down in the monotony of the day to day, leaving us feeling drained. Scheduling something exciting—for either yourself or the whole family—can help re-energize us. For example, a weekly pickleball meetup or a family trip to the Boston Children’s Museum.

Annie Gordon & son

Annie Gordon

Accounting Associate

When I was pregnant with my child, a friend told me: “Every phase will be your favorite, and every new thing they learn and do will be your favorite new thing.” She was right; 26 years later, this is still my favorite phase.

Emily Downing & mom

Emily Downing

Sales Specialist, Greenwich

My mom is a photographer and has always seemed to handle the work-life balance with ease. She always said, “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life.” Because of her, I have learned to follow my heart when it comes to my profession—and that landed me in the floral industry!

Rony DeLeon

Rony DeLeon

Maintenance and Processing Manager

There's an anecdote that I will never forget about my mother. She said, “Son, you will be the reflection of your home and the example for your children.”

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