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Bulb Flowers 101

Double-petaled tulips, lush ranunculus, sweetly-scented hyacinth, and sunny daffodils are the starring stems of our Spring Collection. Each year, these beautiful bulbs are the first flowers to bloom and signal that warmer weather is on the way. Below, we share some fun facts and care tips to get the most out of these springtime stunners.

Take Care

• Bulb flowers prefer cooler temps and last longest when kept away from any heat source—including the sun!

• Keep your blooms hydrated with fresh, cold water. Remove any leaves that fall beneath the waterline of a vase, and change the water often for optimal care.


• At Winston Flowers, we source only the most exclusive, premium-quality Dutch tulips. Our Spring Collection features the double petal variety, also known as ‘peony tulips.’

• Cut tulips are like living sculptures; they follow light sources and can grow over an inch after being cut! Trim the stem end if you prefer a more compact presentation.


• We receive all of our daffodils from the Netherlands. Similar to hyacinth, daffodils have a strong and rich floral fragrance.

• Daffodils are the birth flower for March and are always one of the first signs that spring has arrived.


• The name ranunculus stems from two Latin words: 'rana' means ‘frog’ and 'unculus' means ‘little.’ The bulb flower was given its name since it tends to grow close to water sources.

• We source our ranunculus from Italy and Holland. Italian-grown ‘clooney’ ranunculus have large blooms with layers and layers of petals. In fact, 'clooney' originates from the Italian word ‘cloni,’ meaning ‘clones,’ since they often double or triple in size as they open.


• When our hyacinths arrive from Holland, they still have a portion of the bulb—called the basal plate—that contains nutrients for the flowers. Our growers leave the basal plate attached for transport and our team trims it before use.

• Like with most flowers, each hyacinth color is symbolic. Blue hyacinths are symbols of sincerity, and pink hyacinths symbolize joy.

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Bulb Flowers 101