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Top Moments of 2023

We are storytellers. Every day, we create arrangements to help our clients express the feelings that words can’t quite say. And after 80 years in business, that means we’ve been invited into some pretty epic love stories. This Valentine's Day, we're honoring a few of our favorites, shared by members of our concierge team.

A Century of Love

"A wonderful client of ours, well into his 100s, passed away last year. Before he passed, he called us to arrange one last delivery to his wife to express his lifetime of love. He chose long-stemmed red roses, which were always her favorite. We later learned that those flowers had a profound impact on the entire family, and they thanked us for helping to provide this one last testament to nearly a century of love."

An Intimate Elopement

Couple Jasmine and Niu requested a bouquet of burgundy and white for their January 11 elopement at City Hall in Manhattan. While creating the bouquet, our designer came across the most beautiful burgundy peonies—a rarity since they’re out of season—and upgraded the bouquet to include them. The happy couple shared the following feedback:

"Winston Flowers gave us top-notch service from the moment we inquired about our wedding. The team kindly worked with us to make sure that we got everything we wanted for both brides and our entire wedding party. Everyone raved about the flowers, in-person and in the photos. They made our special day even more beautiful!"

Roses Every Week

"We designed the wedding flowers for a great friend of the company. She was getting married in New York City. Throughout their courtship, her fiancé had sent her long-stemmed roses every week to express his love—and she saved every last petal. We used those petals at the wedding, and she told the story to all the guests!"

That Winston Wonder

"As part of the Winston Flowers marketing team, I get to experience “Winston Wonder” every day at work. The flowers that Winston created for my own wedding were so special because I got to share that with all of our friends and family.  Everything from my bouquet to the vases lining our family-style dinner tables held so much meaning: each creation included yellow roses in a nod to my husband’s grandfather; whimsical textures that evoked our mountain top engagement; and seasonal varieties that captured the late summer date of the wedding. Our flowers helped create an environment that expressed who we are and made our smaller wedding feel exceptional."

Car Full of Roses

"Many years ago, a gentleman called with a unique request: he wanted to pick up his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day with his car full of roses. He drove the car to our Boston Design Studio, put down the back seats, and we filled the entire trunk with over 500 roses! THIS was a moment to remember!"

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Top Moments of 2023