• Residential Services

    Home is where beauty lives— we’ve created a full menu of services to keep it that way. Whether it’s treating your family to weekly fresh flower deliveries that change with the seasons, or breathing new life into the spaces where you rest, work and play with garden design, we support your vision of home. We specialize in gorgeous private events, offer whole-home decorating at the holidays, and have an always-staffed concierge team ready to take your special requests day or night.

Weekly Flowers

In many cultures flowers are considered a necessity, not a luxury— we believe they are both. With a weekly delivery of fresh flowers, you fill your home with vitality and the beauty of each season. Not only will you get to know the designer who creates your custom pieces, you will receive the perfect fit week after week as they become acquainted with your home, your tastes and your preferences. This service brings personalized works of art to your front door every week… and it makes an unforgettable gift for the beauty lover in your life.

Interior & Exterior Garden Design

Your home should be a sanctuary, inside and out. Our Garden Design team specializes in imagining, creating and sustaining custom plant designs that fit your life. Whether you have a blank canvas and don’t know where to start, or are in search of that finishing touch, our design team will guide you through the entire process. From container plantings, unique plant varieties and stunning imported containers, our interior garden services bring fresh life indoors. Outside the home, we offer a full range of services to make your grounds an oasis. Traditional gardens, patio plantings, poolsides, roofdeck landscapes, specialty beds and container gardens are conceptualized, designed and installed entirely by our team of experts. Love to have the Winston look but worried about maintaining it? Our team is always available for the ongoing professional care of your interior and exterior garden designs. Learn more about our Garden Design services.

Private Parties

Your events are a chance to escape the ordinary. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an all-out bash, the Winston Flowers team has every detail covered. Our full-service approach takes care of everything from floral pieces for dinner tables, buffets and entries to all aspects of the event design, including lighting and ambiance. Rest assured that your vision will come to life before your very eyes— guest will marvel and you will love how easy it was to throw such a memorable event. Learn more about our Private Events.

Concierge Services

Because we want the highest level of VIP care for our clients, we offer a fully-staffed concierge team ready to take your call day or night, seven days a week. If your account executive is ever out of reach, our concierge team provides the attention and quality you’ve come to expect from Winston Flowers. No request is too large or too small for us! Whether you're ordering custom gifts that require personal shopping, or simply need some special attention for your dinner out— your wish is our pleasure to grant.

Holiday Décor

We make homes into holiday havens! The Winston Flowers team will handle all aspects of your holiday home— from concept to cleanup. Don’t have time to trim the tree, hang the wreaths or wrangle the lights? Our team will transform your space without you lifting a finger. From wreaths, garlands, unusual varieties of trees and lighting, our interior and exterior installations work together to create a warm and festive atmosphere. Always inspired by nature, our Garden Design team is available to fill your outdoor containers and spaces with evergreen, pine boughs, logs, cones and berries. And if you’re planning a holiday party—Winston Flowers experts can make it magical, memorable, and stress-free. From intimate dinners to large family gatherings, we will design every detail down to the lighting and table trimmings. As always, our enchanting flowers, plants and gourmet collections make perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Embrace the season! Get glowing with Winston Flowers.